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Wrapped PengolinCoin (wPGO) #Defi #Crowdsale Is Live!

Continue reading on for the instructions and ensure the steps shown are completely understood! What is wPGO?

Wrapped PengolinCoin (wPGO) is simply an ERC20 token that represents the real Pengolincoin coin ($PGO) on the Ethereum ecosystem...

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Wrapped PengolinCoin (wPGO) Crowdfunding Announced!

wPGO - Crowdfunding Announcement
We have decided to hold a Crowdfunding session for Wrapped PengolinCoin (wPGO). We are delighted to lay out the instructional questions and answers for our community to gear up and participa...

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Wrapped PengolinCoin Website!

PengolinCoin will not only be part of the Decentralized Finance Ecosystem (wPGO) but also provide a privacy gateway option and other features (PGO) for users.

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PengolinCoin Is Entering the Decentralized Finance Ecosystem and More!

Wrapped PengolinCoin (wPGO) has been deployed on the Ethereum mainnet successfully.
The contract address is: 0x952E116156D4b0ae398c1F85dD7683957be08526.
The next step is to list wPGO on Dex exchanges and a swapping tool for wPGO and ...

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The PengolinCoin team is in the research and planning stages to introduce a separate wrapped (ERC20) version of PGO called wPGO

What is wrapped wPGO?

Wrapped PGO is simply an ERC20 token that represents the real PGO coin on the Ethereum ecosystem. Having an ERC20 token representation allows PengolinCoin to integrate into the Ethereum ecosystem, which includes wal...

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