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PengolinCoin Now Listed On Vault Investments!

Host and Buy PGO On VAULT Investments Platform Hello, @everyone We are very happy to announce, that PGO is now listed on VAULT.Investments. You can buy and host your PGO from your own account.Ther...

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PengolinCoin Project Update!

Hello my fellow Pengolonians! Wow! A lot has been going on with PengolinCoin, it’s hard to keep up! The PengolinCoin team has just finished another successful AMA with BCCore. The team plans on doing more AMAs so stay tuned!


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New PengolinCoin Partners and Mobile Wallet!

Since PengolinCoin has become Proof of Stake (PoS) it already has several new partners. PengolinCoin has partnered with Shared Masternode Tri...

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PengolinCoin Has Partnered with Cryptwerk! Another Step Towards Mass Adoption!

In our continuing efforts to achieve mass adoption PengolinCoin has partnered with Cryptwerk! Cryptwerk is an online directory with hand-picked companies, websites, s...

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PengolinCoin Has Partnered With Cryptocurrency Checkout!

Hello my fellow Pengolonians! We have some great news for you.
Our effort towards mass adoption continues yet again! We have partnered with Cryptocurrency Checkout, https://crypt...

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