New wrapped PGO (wPGO)

Announcements 30-12-2020 14:30:53 citizenz7 80

New wrapped PGO (wPGO)

The PengolinCoin team has great news!  Wrapped PengolinCoin (wPGO) has been deployed on the Ethereum mainnet successfully. The contract address is:

The next step is to list wPGO on Dex exchanges and a swapping tool for wPGO and PGO.

PengolinCoin will not only be part of the Decentralized Finance Ecosystem (wPGO) but also provide a privacy gateway option and other features (PGO) for users.

There is a new website for wPGO:

About PengolinCoin

PengolinCoin is a Proof of Stake (PoS), open source, decentralized blockchain-based cryptocurrency focused on achieving fast transactions, an active and involved community, real-world utilization, network scalability, and fungibility. PengolinCoin’s goal is to be accessible to everyone, everywhere.

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