PengolinCoin Charity

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PengolinCoin Charity

PengolinCoin has teamed up with the Pangolin Crisis Fund and, as a future goal in our roadmap, will donate a portion of it’s revenues to help save this endangered animal.

People can send PGO to the adresse given below and those PengolinCoins will be donated to the Pangolin Crisis Fund at a future date.

The balance will be periodically updated in our Discord Server in the “Charity” channel.

You might be wondering why PengolinCoin is not spelled PangolinCoin. Well, the word Pangolin is derived from the old Malay word, Penggoling, which means to roll over into a ball. So, we morphed the origins of the name with the name itself. We also wanted a unique name as well so PengolinCoin was born. PengolinCoin is rare, unique, fast and secretive, just like the Pangolin.

PengolinCoin charity donation address: Q4hnTcFRixe4xMGNkVS7sEfu1HBZSJdaSX

About PengolinCoin

PengolinCoin is a Proof of Stake (PoS), open source, decentralized blockchain-based cryptocurrency focused on achieving fast transactions, an active and involved community, real-world utilization, network scalability, and fungibility. PengolinCoin’s goal is to be accessible to everyone, everywhere.

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