PengolinCoin Now listed on Hotbit and Bkex Exchanges!

Posted by citizenz7 on Friday, May 15, 2020 at 10:39 AM | 1253 views

PengolinCoin has just recently added it’s fifth and sixth exchanges! On 05/08/2020 and 05/09/2020 PengolinCoin was listed on Hotbit and Bkex two top 20 exchanges as ranked by CoinMarketCap.

PengolinCoin has stepped into the big leagues with these listings and the future looks bright! Wait!

There’s more! PengolinCoin has a form of staking! If you hodl your PengolinCoins in your Hotbit wallet you will be paid interest (see Hotbit for details)! Looking to buy some PengolinCoins? Check out these two great exchanges!