PengolinCoin Update! Many New Partnerships Added!

Posted by citizenz7 on Tuesday, March 9, 2021 at 4:33 PM | 1321 views

Pengolincoin has a whole bunch of partnerships now!

Starting with Livenodes casino that is the second casino where you can pay with PGO (1rst one is Orecoingames).
PGO partnered with a lot of marketing Discord servers such as New Coin Announcement, Crypto Lexus, Super Marketing World, Best Crypto Choice, Crypto Master, etc.

Just want to talk again of Vault. You can buy Pengolincoin [PGO] on Vault using the coin packs and in one click you can start a Pengolincoin masternode, a share of it or you can do a whole one.

The newest partner is MoneyByte and PGO willm be listed on them april 4th on the hedged pools (a unique investment model).

As part of NestEgg coin project asset, they have purchased Pengolincoin!